The Great Indian Online Shopping Guide

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According to Google there has been a growth of 128% in online shopping interests among Indian internet users from the year 2012-2013.This number is expected to grow further in 2013, expanding to many domains and businesses.

The growth is attributed to many factors and the number of E – Commerce websites and portals is on the rise every day. They offer exciting options for online shopping which is associated with comfortable shopping experience.

With people having an option to buy right from electronics and apparel to inner wear online online shopping is becoming the popular destination. 50% of Indian population fall under the 18-25 category and major chunk of this group is both internet savvy and fashion conscious.

This is the prime reason many experts believe online shopping in India to be a game changer. Online shopping has many more benefits beyond comforts which are to do with easy payment options, attractive prices and surprise offers for special occasions. One advise for the for the regular and new online shoppers to be careful with the dubious websites that can cause security breaches and result in loss. While online shopping is always a nice experience, you should look at maximizing your experience.

There are many online stores but choosing to shop with the right store is important as it can make or break your online shopping experience.

The below infographic which will not only help you to select the best and genuine websites for online shopping, but also assist you with good advice.


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