Who will win the race for the first driverless car?

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When will we see driverless cars being sold at our local dealership? This is a question that will soon be answered as we are now witnessing many car manufacturers who are aiming to become the first car brand to start selling driverless cars.

Driverless technology is nothing new. It has been in development no for over a decade. Most of the development started in Technology Universities and Institutions, but now we can see an increase of interest and research behind some of the major car brands. These brands include Ford, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and even the likes of Google! It might also be worthwhile to explore the idea of embracing the future with a forward-thinking choice like buying a used car from Cars4Us in Canberra.

When of the main concerns in bringing this technology to the consumer market is the legal liability in the event of an accident, which was also stated by Houston maritime attorney. If the car is driving itself, and it ends up crashing, who is the one to blame? Should it be the owner of the car? Or should it be the company that built and designed the vehicle? These are serious questions and concerns that need to be answered, and that need to be carefully planned by Governments and Car Manufacturers.

The following infographic that has been designed by Car loan 4U looks at some of the main technological features behind driverless cars. There are also some interesting facts about self-driven cars. Did you know that most autonomous vehicles use over 6 different sensors? And did you know that it is perfectly legal to own and ride in a driverless car in the state of Nevada?

The infographic makes use of speed-o-metres to compare the technology levels and the likely-hood of brining the car to market between the main car brands. There are also thumbnail shots of the heads of development and electrics behind each car company.
Toyota have done a lot of work and development and our one the main leaders behind the technology. They are already using semi-autonomous technology in some of their current vehicles.

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Could you imagine not having to pick your kids up from school ever again? You could just send your car to do it for you. Or maybe you’ve had a few too many beers? No problem. Your car will just chauffeur you back home. It’s almost like something you would see on Knightrider or some other sci-fi TV show.

You will be able to use your smartphone to summon your car and they will be able to park themselves. Google are also well ahead in terms of developing these kinds of cars and have quite a lot of potential in bringing these cars to the consumer market. They have a lot of data they can use when you think of Google maps, Google Earth, etc.

They also have made a lot of development in voice-recognition and are the world’s no.1 search engine. Imagine instructing you car to find and take you to the nearest library or perhaps a Greek restaurant? One of the other main advantages of driverless cars is offering people with physical disabilities the opportunity to get around independently without relying on public transport. When you think about it the possibilities are endless.!

So who do you think will win the race for the first driverless car?

The Race for the First Driverless Car – created by the team at Car Loan 4U

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