The Grinch who stole data

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Our lives now increasingly revolve around, and are in turn supported by information technologies. The power house of these technologies is the data that we pour into it, making it a precious commodity in this digital age. And of course, the data industry is bound to come under attack with the likes of the Grinch roaming around the internet as well.

The Grinch who stole Christmas was a sneaky leering fellow alright but the one who is responsible for stealing our data from the internet is probably one many times more malicious.

Not only do our Christmases get ruined, but we are threatened and terrorized all year round! 2012 has proved to be a fruitful year for these data snatching creeps as one after the other stranger incidents of data breaches were reported. No one was truly safe this year round since the attacked included businesses, industries, and individuals alike yet most of us were unaware of this threat lurking under the binary codes of our online forays.

Read the full report to find out exactly what’s been happening.


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