Fighting Texas’ Fall Allergens

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Whether you’ve lived here for your entire life, or you are a recent Texas transplant, nearly every resident of the lone star state will have to deal with allergies to some extent.

Airborne irritants are common in the fall and winter months, and there are dozens of vectors which can bring these allergens directly into your home and workplace, subjecting you and your loved ones to unnecessary suffering.

External allergens such as pollen and mold can be brought into the home from the outside, and other allergens may originate within the home and accumulate over time. Regardless of their origins, the only way to effectively combat allergens in the home is with regular and effective cleaning methods.

Carpets, mattresses, air conditioning systems, showers and sinks, and a number of other locations within the home are common locations for the accumulation of allergens and other irritants, and a cursory cleaning of these problem areas is often insufficient to prevent chronic allergies. Also, if your window ac unit not as cold as it used to be, it may indicate the need for maintenance or cleaning to ensure it operates efficiently and helps maintain indoor air quality.

The following infographic provided by Wow Total Cleaning demonstrates the various types of allergens which can affect you in the home, and just how widespread a problem airborne allergies are.

To learn more about how professional cleaning can help you keep your home allergen free, call our Austin cleaning experts today at 512-499-0058.

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