The New Face of SEO for 2012

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This Infographic from Fuzz One Media demonstrates the changes in SEO over the last 18 months with Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, calling upon more multi-faceted creative content marketing that includes videos, infographics, internet memes, podcasts and presentations that engages with your target audience rather than just text content aimed at the search engines.

Similarly there is now more priority on title and meta description tags that read well and are interesting to searchers. It’s more important than ever to sell your content to avoid being overlooked and overshadowed by a more captivating listing, whereas in the past the main focus was on getting as many keywords in the tags in a bid to be found by the search engines.

This just shows that more than ever audience comes first and the power of Social Media should not be underestimated when you’re looking to reach new users.

Combined with the use of eye-catching visual content whether it be in the form of video, photo or an infographic, your posts can go viral reaching friends and friends of friends of those who originally viewed your post.

This is extremely important in streaming traffic to your website. It’s the interesting content that gets passed around social networking sites via submissions onto blogs and the like which in turn have social media that can determine your success, unlike the submissions prior to the updates which were used primarily for backlinks no matter how interesting – or uninteresting – the content.

This may mean a reshuffle of your SEO team, as shown, to expand from just the technically minded staff to include more of those well versed in SeoCial (Social Media SEO), Video Editing – you can’t ignore the slightly scary power of YouTube – and Graphic Design, but it’s well worth the work, after-all you’re looking at an Infographic right now, and this looks like a trend set to stay.

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