The Trouble With Spam Text Messages

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This infographic by Spencers Solicitors highlights the size of the spam text message problem within the United Kingdom, the reasons behind its growth and the huge sums of moneys involved.

Around 20 million people within the UK have received a spam text message, with thirty five percent of such messages are around the subject of accident compensation claims.

Although there are huge volumes of people that continue to be bombarded with spam text messages the majority are unsure of where the best place is to send their complaints, with data suggesting only three percent of people would know the right way to lodge an official complaint on receiving spam text messages or telephone calls.

The infographic provides advice on the measures you should look to take if you continue to be a victim of this unethical practice, urging recipients to take action and avoid the further unforeseen risks to fraud that such spam text messages can bring about.

Most people are unaware that responding to a spam SMS message with a request to stop will often intensify the problem, as the number becomes validated as being active and engaging with such messages. This can also you leave you open to potential fraud, with almost a third of all spam text messages now being sophisticated attempts by fraudsters to gain your personal data which they will then be able to sell on to generate themselves profit.

If you do receive a message advertising services that you require it is always advisable to do your own research over responding to a company or legal firm that operates in such an unethical manner to try and gain your custom. Always use a genuine company or legal firm that you know you will be able to trust.


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