Moonstone Beads And How They Affect Different Cultures All Over The World

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Moonstone beads are very popular because they do come with mystical properties. In fact, moonstone beads have been used since time immemorial by pagans as they are thought to bring good luck in relationships. These days, moonstone beads are preferred because they look romantic, sensuous and also seductive. These beads are translucent and they soften the light that shines through them thereby giving them a pearly glow. These beads definitely know how to play with light and use it to their advantage. Moonstone beads originally exist colorless but you can also find moonstone beads from beadsbarn that are white, grey and yellow.

Today, there are colorless rainbow moonstone beads that produce array of colors when hit by light and these beads are very popular among a lot of people especially the ladies. What is interesting about these beads is that mystery surrounds it just like the moon which it gets its name after. In fact, different countries have different folklore associated with these beads. In India, moonstones are called dream stones which are believed to dispel nightmares. In Arab countries, moonstone beads symbolize fertility and jewelry made from these beads are often worn by women who want to conceive children. Moreover, these beads are also use by seafarers during the ancient times to bring them luck. Since there are a lot of mysteries surrounding moonstones, it is no wonder why there are lots of people who opt for these beads in their jewelry. Thus if you want to try bringing luck into your life, it never hurts for you to wear accessories that are made from these beads.


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