The Ultimate guide to good posture: Office edition

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Modern day desk jobs may not be conductive to good posture, but there is no excuse not to engage that core and open that chest. There are more than enough reason to sit up straight.

And we are not just talking injury prevention.

Sharper thinking, better metabolism and great libido boost too!

Ergonomics is all about designing workplaces based on the limitations and physical abilities of workers. It also helps improve the efficiency of one’s work environment.

With more employees sitting longer at computers and other workstations, this is more important than ever to avoid chronic health issues.

Ultimately, adjusting office ergonomics is a way to keep your employees safe. If your workers don’t have safe, effective equipment to work with — like a comfortable chair or a back brace — it can lead to a hurting, less productive employee.

Poor posture, in particular, can cause a multitude of health issues as it puts extra stress on joints and muscles. This leads to overwork and fatigue, which can cause chronic pain. As a result, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may pop up — like tendonitis or carpal tunnel. These disorders can impact muscles, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

Luckily, these issues can be prevented with some adjustments to ergonomics in the workplace. By fitting employees to appropriate equipment from Smart Office Furniture, it can minimize poor posture and the health issues that follow.

Here are some better tips for better posture

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