A brief history of CAPS Locks

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An Inability to stay quite is one of the conspicuous failing of mankind – Walter Bagehot

A upper and lower casing was introduced and added to the keyboard in 1878, SHIFT key was added to access the feature, now after quite a few evolution we have the CAPS lock key for the purpose.

Generally it is considered that if you type with the CAPS lock on it’s a rude behavior on the internet, this trend has been around since the usenet days, where the interface was text only and WRITING IN CAPS was similar to shouting in real life.

Here are 20 most CAPS locked Tweeted Phases

Did you know

  • 22nd October is celebrated as CAPS Lock day.
  • In New Zealand a woman was fired for sending a CAPS-Locked Email
  • The Colemak Keyboard replaces the CAPS lock key for an extra delete Key
  • In 2007, OLPC (One Laptop Per child project) swapped CAPS Lock for Control Key
  • In 2011, the Google Chrome Laptops have replaced the CAPS Lock keys with a  Search Key

Check out more awesome facts about CAPS lock below

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