Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hacks and Scams

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The two days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the best days to buy things in the US, especially electronics and gadgets, since this is the day you will get the cheapest deal possible.

With that its a haven for attackers and hackers to hack and scam users with deals, Shoppers try to find out the deals in advance so that they can wait and hackers take advantage of this and scam them, put polluted results in the Search Engine and when the users goes and buys things from there, they’re cheated.

Attacks include, malicious links, embedded Javascript checks browser, Fake Flash Update, Fake Virus notifications.

The spammers also send spam emails, emails with Freebies and email telling you to buy the hottest toy this season for cheap etc.

Check out what are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hacks/Scams and how to ensure you’re not scammed.

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