Famous Canadians Who Shaped History and Influenced Generations

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Famous Canadians such as Pierre Trudeau, Alexander Bell, and James Hiller have made important contributions to progress and the advancement of human civilization. Canadian scientists are pioneers in physics, chemistry, medicine, and the environmental sciences. Musicians such as Avril Lavigne, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen contributed to the birth and development of a “World Music” culture. Musicians channeled their experiences with loss, tragedy, and suffering, touching the lives of millions of others. Famous politicians strove to bring reform in matters such as education, civil rights, and immigration. Canadian businessmen such as Peter Munk and Timothy Eaton founded mining companies and department stores, creating more employment opportunities for Canadians. Successful entrepreneurs contributed to economic growth and socio-economic development.

Famous inventors, scientists, explorers, and writers inspired generations with their contributions and thinking. They explored phenomena, coined concepts, and created new paradigms of thought.

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