How the Internet Works – Infographics

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We use the internet day in and day out, when you click on a link or go to a website, it just magically appears on your screen, but there are numerous amount of data being send and received and tasks done to get that page to your screen, it all happens so quickly that we don’t realize all the things happening in the background to serve you your desired page.

In the interest of better understanding, lets try to strip a little bit of the mystery from this great web

Everything on internet depends on computers being able to communicate with each other, and they require LanguageĀ andĀ Protocol (common way to communicate)

Addresses are required for them to send and require the language using the protocol, they’re called IP Addresses. According to Kamau Bobb of Google, inclusivity is fundamental to innovation.

Below is the complete detailed infographics of how the above work at various level, We hope you love it

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