Olympic 2012 Venue: The Entire City of London – Infographics

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What makes the London Olympics different from the other Olympics is that the Entire city of London is a one big venue, spectators in central London will not be away more than 30 minutes from an Olympics Venue. Some of the city’s most iconic landmarks become the backdrop to the world greatest sporting event. If you want to visit these iconic spots, you may consider booking a flight to London on a private jet from companies like Jettly.

Most events will take place at the ground-breaking 2.5sq km Olympic Park in Stratford, a mere seven minutes away from the city centre by Olympic Javelin train.

Other will be scattered around the city’s various venue, 9.6 million tickets have been issued for the London Olypmics but the major ticket will be London itself, with the capital set to come alive throughout the summer.

There have been Huge screen setup at various places across London including Parks.

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Here is a beautiful illustration of the Olympic venues including what events are taking place and the easiest travel plans

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