What level Skier are you? – Infographics

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At a ski resort, you have the option of going down different runs that are associated with different skill levels. Green circle is the easiest ski run for beginners, blue square is for intermediate skiers who are more comfortable with skiing, and a black diamond run (or double
black) is for advanced skiers who want a challenging course.

We define skiers in these categories of green, blue, and black sign based on their capability, skills, and challenge level. In a poll, we asked ski questions about the last ski season 2011-2012 to compile information regarding what the ski category defines.

From our poll, we discovered that 64% of green skiers rent their gear, their main trick is the pizza wedge or snow plow, and they spend about 2 hours on the slope before taking a break. A blue skier, according to our poll, owns 88% of their gear, 82% spent less than $1000 on skiing during last ski season and can ski 3 hours on the slopes before taking a break. For black sign skiers, 35% missed more than 5 days of work in order to ski, 44% live less than 30 minutes from a ski resort, and 51% spent more than $1000 on skiing this past season.

So check out the ski infographic from Mountain Reservations to see “What’s Your Sign”.


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