Evolution of Kitchen Appliances Infographics

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The kitchen is an essential hub in any household, where we all strive to utilize the latest kitchen appliances for storing and cooking food. Whether it’s whipping up a gourmet feast or simply preparing a quick meal, everyone relishes the joy of a delicious dish. These appliances were ingeniously crafted to streamline our culinary endeavors, with continuous advancements pushing the boundaries of convenience and efficiency. Amidst this innovation, it’s crucial not to overlook the timeless significance of traditional kitchen tools, which serve as the cornerstone of modern equipment. Just as a Dyson guide shows how to fix the charging of their innovative devices, our kitchen’s foundation rests on the tried-and-true principles that have stood the test of time.

For example:

Firepot – Firepots were being used 10,000 or more years ago according to the findings of 1936-37 dig in Fells Cave. It is used for cooking food. Over the years the shape/size and the use of Firepots have evolved a lot and today we have steel firepots. However its use remains the same and it is still used for cooking different varieties

Rice Cooker – It was first used in 1250 BC. Rice Cookers were first developed in Japan. Over the years rice cookers have advanced a lot and today you can find different types depending upon their usage at unclutterer. One of the common examples of rice cooker is the electric rice cooker. Rice cookers are mainly used for cooking rice, boiling potatoes and other cooking purposes.

Food Steamer – It was first used in 2000BC. It first originated in China. It is used for steamed cooking. Food steamer or steam cooker have been in use for centuries and over the years they have gradually advanced with different new features. As they are a very healthy option of cooking food so they are very popular these days.

Russian Oven – Russian stove is a special type of stove which was first used during the 15th century. It first originated in Russia. It is used both for cooking as well as heating purpose. It is also used for baking pancakes or pies.

Beehive Oven – A beehive oven is in use since the middle Ages in Europe. It first originated in Europe. It is used for baking bread, pies, cakes and meat.

Stove – It was first used in 1735. Stove was first originated in France. Over the years stove has evolved a lot and you could try here today. We have different varieties of stove available ranging from kitchen stoves commonly used in our homes to bigger ones used in hotels or food plaza. It is multipurpose equipment which along with cooking is also used for heating purposes.

Deep Fryer – Deep fryer was first used in 1790. It is a kitchen appliance which is commonly used for deep frying. One of the most popular uses of deep fryer is to prepare the fast food and making the food stuffs crispy. It is used for potato fries and chicken.

Sous Vide – It was first used in 1799.  Sous Vide is commonly used in America and France. One of the common benefits of using this appliance is that it keeps the packaged food fresh for a long time maintaining all the important nutrient values. It is a multipurpose appliance.

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This infographic, brought to you by Globe Packaging, revolves around popular kitchen appliances. Go through the same and share the knowledge.

Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

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