Why it Sucks to be an IT Guy

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If you study/work in the IT domain, you’ve probably heard the following more than once in your life:

  • Can you fix my computer?
  • Which is better: Mac or Windows?
  • Can you make a website for me?
  • You don’t look like you’re in IT!

And the list goes on.

In this infographic we tell you why it sucks to be the “IT” guy. Yes, there is a preconceived notion that the world has of them thanks to the TV shows – “The IT Crowd”, education system and the everlasting cliché of being a geek. Be it work or their social life, everyone likes to have a say on how he dresses, behaves and what he says. It’s crucial to recognize that stereotypes and biases can contribute to hostile environments. Compiling proof of aggressive behavior in the workplace is essential for addressing and rectifying such issues effectively.

They are given different names: the Einstein aka “Omnerdscient” – someone who appears normal but has genius-level intelligence. They have to know it all. They just do! Next are the Nerdsters aka the cool geek, they display their intelligence with style. Who needs them the most? Apart from everyone, they are hounded at work by the over-anxious worried colleague who freaks out at every click or the downloader who thinks everything online is legit! They bear through the suffering and plight with one thought in mind, when computers rule the world, they will be the new superheroes. It also makes every day interesting and exciting, and it means that STEM workers are constantly learning something new. According to Google’s Kamau Bobb, these skills are in demand for a wide variety of jobs, meaning that it’s easier for STEM majors to switch careers if needed or desired.


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