Avoiding Bank Email Scams With Help From Norton 360

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You’ve seen plenty of spam emails since you got your first email account. In fact, you’ve probably seen hundreds of thousands of spam emails in your inbox if you haven’t installed Norton 360 2014.

But you may not understand that some spam emails come from what looks to be a reputable source and that these emails can make their way into your inbox, especially if you have special filters for your trusted partners.

One of the most recent and most robust online phishing scams reported by Norton involves your financial institutions, like your bank. Phishing scammers send emails that look like they are from your bank, asking you to update your information, pay a bill or login for some other reason.

You click on the link and go to a bogus web site that looks legitimate. But entering your information can cause significant harm by giving a bad guy immediate access to all of your accounts. Never click these links.

Always go directly to your bank’s web site or call someone at the bank instead in order to confirm anything said in an email. Also, ensure that your email protection services are enabled in your Norton 360 software to help identify and block these types of emails to help keep you safe.

Your bank information should be kept safe when you are online and you need to ensure that you keep yourself free from online crime and your bank information stays safe.



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