Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You

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The means of finding employees to fit in a role has undergone a sea change over the years.

To be in the radar of the recruiters, it is advised by the job experts to try out the following tips:

  • Crucial positions in an organization need reliable and time tested candidates and hence internal recruitment play a major role. So, be active in your organization to get noticed for such promotions.
  • Volunteer to write in the industry related magazines and wherever possible. Ideas sometime communicate your ability. Don’t ever wonder for being called for a role with that reference.
  • Recruiters are after simpler means to find candidates. Active LinkedIn users have better chances over those with just a mail id. So, regular updating of profiles is advisable.
  • Twitter seems to be the next best platform where recruiters meet the candidates.
  • Even if you are not the best of the options available for the recruiter, an endorsement from a famous stalwart in your organization can be invaluable.
  • Never miss a chance to present your views during the industrial events or else at least try to get enrolled even if you aren’t offered a chance.
  • Although this is no more a secret, uploading your resume is quite a good idea. But don’t complain for being pestered with loaded inbox on your mails.

In situations where an employee faces discrimination or bias from a superior, employment lawyers can help with confronting superior’s biased actions and provide legal guidance and support to address such instances.


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