Reason why Obama won the Presidential Elections

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Barack Obama has won the U.S. general elections for the second terms, he get into the league of pervious presidents who’ve served for the second term, Barack Obama is the present incumbent officer and 44th president of America elected by the people of America for 2nd term.

The infographic portrays the top reasons Obama retained the president position:

Lower taxes

Obama during his first term cut down the taxes on every working American and reduced a tax amount of $ 3,600 for middle class families in America.

Increase in Medicare coverage:

The affordable Medicare act passed by the president Obama will bring in Medicare coverage worth of $318 million. This amount will be helpful in covering medicare for more than 28.3 million Americans.

Women’s reproductive rights:

In United States more than 20.4 million have received counseling on preventative care and contraception methods.

Increase in disaster relief fund:

Due to pressure from president Obama, FEMA has responded on the day next to hurricane affected United States and played a major role in saving hundreds of human lives.

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