Digital Britain vs Digital Europe – Infograhics

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Interxion have carried out some research into internet usage in Britain compared to other countries in Europe.  The results are quite interesting and you can find the results visualised in the infographic below and on their site here.

There are some interesting trends from the data, one of which being that despite common opinion, the UK is doing well in terms of improving fast broadband connections.  It has made significant improvements over the last couple of years and has actually improved more than many other European countries.

Leading on from this, British buyers are leading the way in terms of buying online.  With faster download speeds and generally better connectivity, it makes sense that more people are buying goods or services online.

The same can be said for UK B2B purchases which are still looking strong compared to other countries.  Norway and Sweden are leading the way on this front with a higher percentage of enterprises buying goods or services online.

Despite this, British businesses seem to be lagging behind when it comes to selling their goods or services online.  This is despite significant government investment and pressure for UK businesses to move their services online which they are hoping will help improve the economy.

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