How to covert your broken mobile phone parts to Survival tools

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Picture this situation, you are sailing on a ship and the ship loses control in the middle of the ocean and drowns, you get in your sense and are on a deserted island and the only thing saved with you is a mobile phone an a few other things.

What will you do?

Cellphones today are capable of doing things you have not even imagined, not only the Call, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but it can even be used as a stone age survival tools with the below guide.

Here are some of the examples:

Use a wire and connect both the ends of the battery and use it to generate fire.

Use the circuit board as a cutting tool

Use a Rock and fold the metal mount that can be as sharp as a knife

Use a wire and the phone speaker, get a leaf and find a water puddle, rub one end of the open wire to the magnet for a few seconds, place the wire on the leaf and it acts as a Compass, find directions.

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P.S.: This is specially published today, in case the world ends 😉

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