Facebook Security – Everything you ever wanted to know

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Facebook has been beefing up security in recent times as you must have noticed various security features.

To highlight some of the other security features Facebook has released in recent years, Facebook has created an infographics, which is posted below.

“Our considerable work has undoubtedly made Facebook a safer environment—less than half a percent of users experience spam on any given day and only a fraction of fraction of a percent of our users ever experience any security-related issues,” Facebook said. “But we know there’s plenty of more work to be done, so we will keep striving to make sure that every time you log in to Facebook, you have a safe and social experience. We are adapting and responding to new threats everyday and will continue to bring the people that use our site new ways to protect themselves.”

This is a one stop location to know all the security features that Facebook has to offer.


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