Work is Murder: Congratulations you’re Hired

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Over 80% Americans work in a job that require less to no physical movement and the effects are starting to show. From a growing trend of obesity to unprecedented stress levels to a growth in hearth diseases.

So the question arises: Is your Work killing you?

Yes, Your job is making you fat, here are some facts

  • 292,345,090 Americans do not get the minimal level of¬†exercise
  • Americans burn 140 fewer calories than they used to 50 years ago, adding up to 14.6 pounds of weight every year
  • 1 in 3 Americans are obese
  • 2/3rd of the people use computers at work, 75% of those suffer from Eye or Vision related problem
  • 3/4 Americans say work is stressful

Check out more facts and tricks to stay healthy and happy at work

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