Various Aspects of Valentine’s Day an Infographic View

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Valentine’s Day is round the corner, we thought instead of posting a single infographics why no has a series of them covering various aspects of Valentine’s day.

We are jotting some facts down here and the other can be read in a much beautiful way, from the infographics

Did you know:

180,000,000 Valentine’s day cards are exchanged, of which 50% are purchased within 6 days.

$13.5 Billion, is the value of chocolate that was sold in 2003

14 million people are expecting a proposal on 14th on February 2012

$1000-$5000 is an appropriate amount for an engagement right is what 48% of single consumers feel

$2.2 billion worth of Jewellery was sold in February 2009 in the US alone

Below are all in one infographic diet for you, look no further

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